Captivating Gameplay
The Tunnels Project provides a multitude of entertaining, engaging, and unique game-modes that will keep you craving more. From trudging the catacombs across Renethrall to slaying an apocalyptic army, there's always something for an adventurer like you!
Community Oriented
We're all about getting everybody involved and contributing in any way possible. You're able to be an asset of the team by simply playing the games, getting involved with our community and being the reason Tunnels is such a great community. Sign up and show off your skills!
Non-Profit Project
We're a project that's all about giving back to the community, which also means we don't take any money donated for ourselves. All of the donations that's received are sent to a charity foundation which you -- the community -- votes on each month. Proof of the money going to charity is posted both on our blog each month after the donation's been made.